How to balance studying in the workplace

It can sometimes be difficult to balance studying while working. Finding the motivation to study in the workplace can be hard. 

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Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

As soon as you start revising or writing an assignment then something else in your working day comes up. However, do not procrastinate as your studying will never be completed! Here's some tips to help you along the way:

Manage your time: Studying whilst working requires a good level of planning and prioritisation and this is why you need to manage your time and make sure you are organised. Create yourself a plan of action so you can keep track of outstanding assignments and also exam dates. Having a wall planner or a pocket diary will help you with writing important dates down and will help to keep you organised at all times.    

Avoid distractions: If you need to close your door, turn your desk phone off or even put your headphones in then don't feel guilty doing so. Pay attention to who distracts you and the number of times they distract you. You may not notice this but you are your own worst enemy in self distraction, for example social media or checking your phone. Put your phone away or simply turning it off and try eliminating your social media use. Communicate to the team that you are studying and need some quiet time. 

Keep to deadlines: If you want to achieve a deadline then the first step is to write a to do list and prioritise your most important projects. Once you have prioritised your list then you can set your deadline and keep yourself on track and never miss a deadline. Setting deadlines comes in line with SMART objectives which are:

Specific -  be specific with what goal you to achieve
Measurable - a goal or deadline which can be measured with specific online tools
Achievable - make sure your goal or deadline is achievable and can be completed on time
Realistic - is your goal or deadline realistic and what will you get from this
Time-bound - set your deadlines in advance so you have enough time to complete

Take a break: Remember to always take care of yourself and take a break. Having a good work-life balance is key to keeping yourself happy and accomplishing tasks. To be happy you need to make sure you have time to do the activities that you enjoy, weather that be doing house work, spending time with friends and family or going to the gym. Always listen to your body and remember that having a poor work-life balance is what makes you have negative well-being and physical health. Take a deep breath, relax and stay happy! 

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