How can IoT help your business grow?

Have you considered how the Internet of Things (IoT) can help your business? Have you adopted any IoT solutions? Have they changed your ability to save costs, increase efficiencies and reinvest in growth?

Dr. Pantea Lotfian (Managing Director of Camrosh) writes:

Camrosh Consulting invites you to take part in our Internet of Things Survey 2017.

Filling in the questionnaire does not require any technical knowledge. You can find the survey questionnaire directly here:

We intend to publish the results by mid November 2017 and will be sharing the outcomes on the survey website ( and disseminate the results via various social media and through umbrella organisations.

The survey will be evaluated anonymously and your information will not be shared with any third parties. 

We thank you in advance for your participation and are looking forward to receiving your replies to help create the momentum and the community for business growth and success in the UK.

Why do we want to know?

The Internet of Things has been a buzz word for a while now and is still buzzing strongly,  mainly due to its ever increasing impact on consumer products and services and the impact on business models in virtually every industry.

The IoT is not one technology, but rather a system built of various technologies, such as sensors, network connectivity, and data analytics to name a few. Advances in each of these areas have over the past five years dramatically increased the power of the IoT to impact businesses in many different ways, with improved operational efficiencies and cost reductions currently being the main cited benefits by solution providers.

However, the IoT opens up also other wide-reaching opportunities for businesses. Particularly for SMEs with limited resources, when they combine a deep understanding of their business and markets with strategic forward planning to adopt IoT solutions to enable growth.

Successful adoption of IoT solutions by SMEs

  1. Nayland Hotel: a family owned leisure provider.
    By adopting IoT enabled energy solutions they reduced water and energy costs by 80% and 50% respectively
    More information:
  2. Airporter: an airport transport service provider.
    Increased passenger safety and fuel efficiency savings by adopting an IoT enabled fleet management solution.
    More information

Astius Technology and Camrosh Consulting have jointly developed the above survey to identify the adoption rate of IoT technologies by businesses in two main economic regions of the UK and are building further collaborations to expand future surveys to other parts of the country. The current survey is covering Cambridgeshire and wider East Anglia as well as East and West Sussex.  The rationale for this pulse checking is that IoT solutions are being promoted and supported by the government, and there are different resources for SMEs to learn about and use the technology. However, the complexity of the technology and lack of awareness in many industries prevents SMEs from engaging with IoT technologies as much as would be beneficial for them. As this is a rapidly evolving technology area, the businesses that make use of it early may reap considerable business advantages over those not taking notice. We aim to help address this with the survey.

Your response to our questions will help with compiling and communicating the region’s requirements in these areas to help create the right opportunities for the business community to take advantage of the rapid advances in this technology area. Furthermore, it will enable us to encourage further collaborators in other areas of the country to join us in creating more opportunities by raising awareness and bringing innovative thinking and technical skills for the adoption of IoT technologies by SMEs in the UK.

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