How to stay focused in the workplace

Do you have urgent tasks to complete and are struggling to focus? Need to minimise your distractions and not sure where to start? When you are concentrating and suddenly you are distracted, even if this is for five minutes to one hour, then you are becoming less productive and gradually wasting your time.

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Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

Don't worry, you're not alone!

The decision to stay focused is in your hands - you need to identify your distractions, prioritise your workload and make sure you are organised! If you are stuck for ideas then here's some top tips on how to stay focused in the workplace:

Organise your work area:

Having clutter on your desk can prove very distracting and un-organised. All you can think about is the clutter on your desk and when you are going to get the chance to clean it. To stay focused you need have a desk clear out and have relevant things piled neatly on your desk. If you have desk drawers then put everything else away so if you do ever need it then it is still accessible. By organising your work area you will feel motivated and organised and ready to seize the day! 


To prioritise your tasks you need to write yourself a 'to do' list. To do lists are very important as they help identify important tasks and will help you to become organised throughout your working day. To write a to do list you need to put all of the important tasks at the top and all of the less important tasks at the bottom. Any boring or mundane tasks can be completed at the end of your day or even at the end of your week. Having a to do list will help you to manage your time and gradually become more focused throughout your working day. Always keep your to do list nearby so you can tick off completed tasks!  

Make your work area free of distractions:

We are all guilty of it - having a quick look on social media, checking our phones or changing the radio station. You may not notice this but you are your own worst enemy in self distraction. Change the radio to a suitable station, put your phone in your drawer or try to eliminate your social media use - try telling yourself that you can check this on your breaks etc. If social media is part of your job then try and minimise the amount of checks throughout the day. By simply closing your door or putting your phone away you are maximising your time. Imagine how much time you are wasting or how much work you could have completed within the time you was distracted.

Eat and drink healthily:

Make sure you are staying hydrated and healthy throughout your working day. The first sign of hunger and fatigue is usually down to not getting enough sleep, not eating healthily or being dehydrated. Make sure you have some healthy food or drink within arms' reach. That way you can stay focused instead of walking to the kitchen and becoming distracted.

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