It's not 'just' a website - Part 4: How to commission an agency - tips from 2idesign

Everyone agrees: a website should look nice. But to be successful, a website has to tick several other boxes. It should work on an editorial design level, be well-defined, organised, intuitive and clear. Otherwise, you end up with a website that is difficult to use and with little substance.

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The 2idesign team has come up with a checklist for you to run through before you entrust an agency with your website design project.


What content management system (CMS) do you work in?

There are Pros and Cons to Open source and Bespoke CMS. A deciding factor for us is to give our clients the FREEDOM to take their website designed and built by us to another developer if they choose to do so.


Dynamic content

Your website should be designed using dynamic content to make it more efficient. Add or edit the dynamic content once, and the change occurs in every instance through the site. That's time-saving.



Give your editors confidence and peace of mind by allowing them to access the parts of the site they are only allowed to edit. 



As part of the package, expect to be shown how to edit the site. We provide either a hands-on training or a how-to guide.






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2idesign is a Creative Design Agency based in St John's Innovation Centre, specialising in website design, branding and publishing. As designers, we design print and digital solutions for start-up and established corporate companies as well as publishers. Our integrated approach to creative design, project management and editorial is unique, and the professionalism of our client base echoes this.


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