Johnson Matthey R&D manager wins 2015 ACS Industrial Chemistry Award

The award recognises Dr Thomas Colacot, Global R&D Manager of Homogeneous Catalysis, for his contribution to catalysis


Johnson Matthey is pleased to announce that Dr Thomas Colacot, Global R&D Manager of Homogeneous Catalysis for the Johnson Matthey Catalysis and Chiral Technologies (JMCCT) business unit, has been awarded the 2015 American Chemical Society (ACS) National Award for Industrial Chemistry. This honour is further recognition of Dr Colacot’s contribution to the area of catalysis, having received an award for Applied Catalysis from the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2012.

The ACS Industrial Chemistry Award recognises one person who has made outstanding contributions to the development and commercialisation of ligands and pre-catalysts for metal-catalysed organic synthesis, particularly palladium cross-couplings, for industrial and academic use and applications.

Dr Colacot was chosen for his strength in bringing academic concepts to life through practical commercial and industrial applications

“I am honoured to receive recognition for something I am so passionate about,” said Dr Colacot. “This is a continued validation that we’re making significant and valuable contributions to the marketplace. There is plenty more to explore, and I look forward to continuing work with our team to bring more concepts to commercialisation.”

“We are thrilled to see Dr Colacot receive such prestigious recognition for his contribution to the field of catalysis,” said Gerard Compagnoni, General Manager of JMCCT. “It is well deserved, and is a clear reflection of our commitment to solidifying JMCCT’s position as a leader in homogeneous catalysis. Dr Colacot is an asset to our business, and his research continues to provide economical catalytic solutions to the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.”

JMCCT provides trusted expertise in heterogeneous, homogeneous, chiral and biocatalytic technologies for customers in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and agrochemical industries. As Global R&D Manager of Homogeneous Catalysis at JMCCT, Dr Colacot is responsible for leading the research and development of homogeneous catalysts for industrial pharmaceutical applications. He has been with Johnson Matthey since 1995, when he began as the US director of homogeneous catalysis research. Dr Colacot holds a PhD in chemistry from IIT Madras in India. He remains active in the academic world and as a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

All of the 2015 ACS National Award winners will be honoured in a ceremony on Tuesday, March 24, 2015, in conjunction with the 249th ACS national meeting in Denver. Dr Colacot will be featured as a speaker at the event.


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