LMK Thermosafe Ltd donates face visors for Covid-19 PPE response

Flexiviz PPE visor

Local manufacturer pivots some production capacity for ongoing donation of thousands of CE compliant face shields to front-line workers in Healthcare and associated services.

At the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, like many manufaturers in the UK, LMK Thermosafe sought to find ways to use its skills to assist front-line NHS services.

The company writes:

We wanted to make sufficient difference to have a worthwhile impact in the local community, while still ensuring we had sufficient manufacturing capacity to continue manufacturing our industrial heating products.

Our heaters are used throughout the essential supply chains of pharmaceutical, food, energy and petrochemical industries, so many of our global partners had urgent requirements to increase their own capacity. We have been operating throughout the lockdown as an essential manufacturer with appropraite social distancing in place in all areas. 

Our specialist engineering and design team rapidly concluded that we could manufacture full face visors in volume using our existing machinery and materials supply chain, and developed a fully CE compliant product within a couple of weeks. Some materials are in tight supply, but thanks to our procurement network we have been able to obtain sufficient to manufacture many thousand visors. 

Local volunteers have been assembling and boxing the finished product under controlled conditions maintaining strict hygeine and cleanliness.

We have been delighted to give away all these items to Care Homes, GP's surgeries, pharmacies, and similar groups wherever the need has been greatest, in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex as part of our response to the crisis under our Corporate Social Responsibility programme. 

For more details on the visor, or to request some for similar use, take a look at our microsite www.flexiviz.com 


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Manufacture and design of electrical drum, container and vessel heating equipment for use in potentially explosive and industrial environments.

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