New website home for Cambridge-based free brand, marketing and design magazine 'Rise'

Rise online graphic

Rise is a free magazine for anyone working in branding, marketing, design or content creation (copy writing to me and you). It is written, designed and produced by Sable&Hawkes and is now fully online, live and free to view.

The new website home for Rise is:

Written and produced by Cambridge marketing, design and copywriting company Sable&Hawkes, Rise Online appears quarterly and covers ideas, opinions, best practice and case studies written by Sable&Hawkes and a collection of industry experts. 

The site is now the permanent home of the magazine and also carries all the previous issues.

For further information, to comment or offer your services as a contributor please contact:

07712 270198


If you’re selling, evolving or launching a product or service, we can, name, brand, position, create the content, design and advertise it ­across any and every media, above, below or around any particular line you fancy.

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Sable&Hawkes are a graphic design company based in Cambridge. We deliver brand positioning, visual identity solutions, creative direction and corporate and promotional design in print and online.