New year, new job?

Whether you are looking for a career change or just to move onto bigger and better things, the new year could be the perfect opportunity for you. Get ahead of the game and start your job search while others are busy preparing for the Christmas and New Year festivities.

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Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

Five reasons why the new year is a perfect time to look for a new job:

  • Less competition- Whilst most of the population are preoccupied with Christmas and New Year festivities, there is more chance of your CV being noticed by recruiters.
  • More opportunities- Some companies will be looking to get organised for the new year by recruiting before the Christmas break. However, many companies will choose to wait until January to start their recruitment process which means there may be a backlog of positions that need filling!
  • New budgets - Companies will often receive updated budgets and sales forecasts in January. The new year is the top time for hiring - meaning this will increase your chances of finding your dream job.
  • New Year, New You - Make your New Year’s resolution getting your dream job! It is a lot harder to give up on your resolution when it is your dream job! Make 2021 a year you can be proud of.
  • December bonus- Many people will wait to leave their job until after they get their annual bonus in December, meaning there will be lots of new positions available in January.

Why not make getting a new job your New Year’s resolution and achieve it right at the start of the year?

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