Next generation innovation through data-driven invention

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In many industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to energy companies, data-driven technologies are used to harness the world’s information to address different business challenges, be this in logistic chains or in enhancing customer experience. Now, Iprova is bringing the same transformational changes to innovation, and specifically to the creation of inventions.

“When the Intellectual Assets which result from invention account for a significant part of a company’s valuation, it makes little sense that the way these inventions are created relies on chance connections between different pieces of information.  By using the inventive power of the world’s information, Iprova is transforming the act of invention from serendipitous to systematic.” Says Julian Nolan, the CEO-founder of Iprova.

The technology is the result of Iprova’s 10 years of research into invention creation, which captures the experience of working with leading technology companies to create over 2,500 inventions. The company’s customers include Panasonic, Nokia, Sony, Philips and BIC, and the product and services offered by Iprova are evolving fast. BIC for example, has set up their own data driven invention lab, enabling them to create inventions based on Iprova’s technology.

There are many case studies which demonstrate the power underlying this technology to help augment the more traditional R&D approach for making inventions.

Free webinar on Monday 14 June

To learn more about this technology, Iprova is hosting a webinar together with Microsoft and Philips, on how the latest generation of cloud, machine learning, and natural language processing are being used by leading companies around the world to help invent, and the results which have been achieved.

Find further information and register for this free event  (3pm BST/ 4pm CET on 14 June) here


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


Iprova has reinvented invention, enabling users of its invention platform to invent with unmatched speed, disruption and efficiency. Come and join our fast expanding, fun loving and tech-savvy team in either London or Cambridge. We are actively recruiting.

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