Optical analysis with an inspection camera easier than ever before

Machinery and equipment are important investments for industrial companies to survive on the market. The running times of machines are just as important as incidents and interruptions cost time and money. With inspection cameras like industrial borescopes and videoscopes, the inner workings of cavities, ventilation ducts, downpipes and chimneys, for example, can be examined without much effort.

inspection camera industrial borescope

PCE Instruments offers several videoscopes perfectly suitable for such applications. One of them is the PCE-VE 380N which allows the user to look into machines and equipment without interrupting operation, even under most difficult conditions. In the event of a malfunction, it is no longer necessary to unscrew the entire system to find the location where something is conspicuous. With the inspection camera PCE-VE 380N you can comfortably look into every corner of the machine. The pictures and video sequences of the components to be inspected can be viewed on the display, stored directly to an SD card and later transferred to the PC for further analysis. This inspection camera is the ideal tool for servicing and maintenance in industrial companies or workshops. The robust camera head with a diameter of only 28 mm allows the user to look into components and pipelines with a diameter of only 50 mm without much effort. The special feature of the PCE-VE 380N inspection camera is the 22 m long push cable with a camera head that has particularly good LED illumination with long-life rechargeable batteries. Reaching unusual locations is possible without any problems.

Never before has an optical analysis with simultaneous documentation been so simple and inexpensive as today.

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