Orthopaedic surgeon Vikas honoured with top award

An Addenbrooke’s surgeon who specialises in hip and knee surgery has won a prestigious award for his innovative research.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Vikas Khanduja

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Vikas Khanduja has been awarded the Hunterian Professor Award for 2021 by the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

It is bestowed for original research or innovations and since 1810 has been awarded to pioneering surgeons including former health minister, Professor Ara Darzi, and Sir James Paget, known for his studies of the bone disorder, Paget’s Disease

Vikas, also an associate lecturer at the University of Cambridge, specialises in hip and knee surgery, and has a special interest in arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery of the hip. He has been instrumental in setting up the tertiary referral service for Young Adult Hip Surgery in Cambridge.

His research centres on femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), a condition in which there is an abnormal contact between the rim of the acetabulum (hip socket) and femoral head-neck junction (ball of the hip), on movement of the hip. This results in pain, labral and cartilage damage and in some cases arthritis of the hip.

He is interested in disease stratification of FAI using novel imaging techniques, better pre-operative planning tools, and precision surgery to improve outcomes.

He has authored over 125 peer reviewed articles and three books and has received the American and British Hip Society Travelling Fellowship in 2011, Royal College of Surgeons of England’s Arnott Medal in 2013, and the Insall Fellowship from the American Knee Society and Insall Foundation in 2014.

Vikas, an associate editor of the Bone and Joint Journal, said: “I have dedicated my life to improving outcomes for the patients I see and I would like to thank the Royal College for recognising my work, and my family, friends and colleagues for their support throughout my career.”

For more information about the Hunterian Professorship visit the Royal College of Surgeons website.

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