Practical leadership: Creating a culture of innovation symposium

Thirty senior business leaders, clients and contacts of the Møller Centre, contributed to a Practical Leadership Symposium at the Centre focused on how leaders can influence the development of a culture of innovation.

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The symposium, designed and delivered by Møller’s Executive Education showcased Dr Uday Phadke’s latest research on how to systematically address the challenges of turning ideas into commercial valuable propositions. Møller Faculty Adam Billing gave an overview of how to engage teams with the Design Thinking methodology to innovate new products and services. Ruth Berry explored the role of leadership in creating a culture of innovation and considered the key enablers and blockers.

Dr Phadke, Møller Faculty, summarised the findings from his forthcoming book, Camels, Tigers & Unicorns, in which he uses a meso-economic approach to understand the complex dynamic behaviour of real firms and enable him to identify and define more precisely the key drivers affecting commercialisation.

He explained “My research, which put customer data at its heart, led me to define The Triple Chasm Model identifying three discontinuities on the commercialisation journey, I then used diffusion theory to model the ‘shape’ of this growth. The Triple Chasm Model provides new and unique insights into the hurdles facing science and technology firms on their commercialisation journey: in particular, it clearly identifies Chasm II, not identified before, as the big challenge which holds the key to building commercially sustainable and scalable firms.”

Gillian Secrett, CEO of the Møller Centre explained, “This was our second Practical Leadership Symposium and from the lively debate we were able to gain insights and wisdom from those present which will form the content of our output report to help leaders influence change.”


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