Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Your "comfort zone" is called that for a reason: It is comfortable and safe. In truth, comfort zones are not really about comfort, they are about fear. If you refrain from taking the jump outside your comfort zone you're likely missing out on professional opportunities, life experiences, and personal growth. Once you take the first step, you will learn to enjoy the process of taking risks and growing in the process. Every time you consciously choose to step outside of your comfort zone, the next uncomfortable thing becomes a little bit easier.

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Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

Where do you start?

  • Become clear about what you are looking to achieve – Create a plan. Write down step by step what you are looking to achieve and how you wish to achieve this.
  • Take Baby Steps – Do not jump too far out of your comfort zone to begin with, take it step by step to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Say "yes" more often – By saying yes to things you wouldn’t normally, you could open up huge opportunities in your career. You might even end up surprising yourself.
  • Make it a habit to try something new – Keep seeking new challenges and try things you never thought you would.
  • Get comfortable with discomfort – Make it your goal to avoid staying within your comfort zone. Push yourself bit by bit each day and soon things will feel less uncomfortable.

By trying new things and by pushing yourself that little bit further than you would before, you will start becoming the best version of you. Until you step outside your comfort zone, you will not know what you’re capable of.

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