RealVNC® wins the ‘Driven to Connect’ award from the Car Connectivity Consortium

RealVNC is recognised for its dedication and work supporting the CCC and MirrorLink™ ecosystem.


RealVNC, the global provider of VNC® remote access technology and premier MirrorLink supplier, is proud to accept the ‘Driven to Connect’ award granted by Alan Ewing, President of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC).

The Driven to Connect award recognises the significant contributions RealVNC has made to the CCC since its inception and especially over the past year.  RealVNC’s work covers many areas including technical contributions, chairing the Certification Working Group and delivering their MirrorLink compliant software, VNC Automotive™, to many of the CCC member companies who are shipping volume production products.

 "I want to extend my compliments and regards to the RealVNC team for their strong commitment to MirrorLink especially over this past year,” comments Alan Ewing, President, Car Connectivity Consortium. He continues “This award reflects the many contributions they have made and continue to make towards the success of MirrorLink".

 RealVNC  is an advocate of open standards, having published the VNC protocol, a core component of the MirrorLink standard, over ten years ago. By providing the VNC Automotive solution, customers can seamlessly integrate MirrorLink and VNC remote access and control, to connect from phone to vehicle, around the vehicle and to and from the Cloud.

 “We are very grateful to accept this award and are extremely pleased with the growing success of our MirrorLink Certified™ solution, VNC Automotive. The capabilities our technology provide are the most advanced, mature and production ready,” said Tom Blackie, Vice President of Mobile and Automotive at RealVNC. He adds “This is an award for the whole team here at RealVNC whose skill and dedication made this possible.  We look forward to another exciting year working closely with the CCC and members companies.”

 RealVNC’s MirrorLink Certified solution, VNC Automotive pairs the driver’s car with their mobile device, enabling mobile devices to perform a number of different functions within the car. In an industry where driver safety is of the upmost importance, VNC Automotive technology allows the mobile device to be controlled from the car dashboard, vehicle bezel keys, or steering wheel switches.

About RealVNC

RealVNC’s software is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide; in over 1 billion devices; in every sector of industry, government and education. RealVNC is a core member of the Car Connectivity Consortium supporting the MirrorLink™ specification, which uses VNC.  VNC Automotive underpins many of the commercial MirrorLink Certified™ products and has been available in production with automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and phone vendors for several years.  It is already in millions of vehicles available from many of the major automotive OEMs.

Founded by the original inventors of VNC, RealVNC is the only organization able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC in third-party products and offerings.

RealVNC®, VNC® and RFB® are trademarks of RealVNC Limited and are protected by trademark registrations and/or pending trademark applications in the European Union, United States of America and other jurisdictions.

MirrorLink Certified™, MirrorLink™ and the MirrorLink™ Logo are certification marks and trademarks of the Car Connectivity Consortium LLC. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


For more information about RealVNC please contact: Laurel Davis-Lyons, Jargon PR,



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