Reasons to recruit in January

January is the perfect time to advertise your up-and-coming jobs because candidates have had a long break and have taken time to reflect over the December/festive period. This will give recruitment agencies more time to work in the background and for your job adverts to have more online presence during a busy period. 

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Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

After the Christmas holidays: 

The Christmas break lets everyone have time to reflect and spend time with their loved ones. As soon as they go back to work the mind-set changes, not everyone will want to go back to their jobs and will want to change their career. And not everyone celebrates Christmas so they might not have taken a break like the rest of us and will also be focusing on finding work. 

Time for a change: 

"New year, new job". At this time of year everyone is getting organised for their future ahead and are starting to reflect. Candidates are looking at changing career paths and are thinking about their future - they do not want to go back to their old job after the break and want to do something different and want a fresh start for the new year.

Social Media Activity: 

Candidates become more active over the Christmas break on social media and job boards meaning that this is the perfect time to attract those skilled candidates that have time to search. More candidates are active and are registering on job boards throughout December and January as they are looking for new opportunities. 


Many students have now graduated and will be available to start a new position which means they will most likely be available ASAP and able to start interviewing.

If you have a vacancy that you would like us to support you with, then now is the perfect time to send us your job description so we can attract candidates!

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