'Right to repair' set to become law in the UK


BBC News reports this morning that the UK intends to bring in legislation to mirror the Eco-design measures already in force in the EU. This will mean that the UK will tighten standards on energy efficiency and repairability for home appliances.

Although the BBC calls this a “right to repair” law, this is not strictly true.

Manufacturers will have to ensure that spare parts are readily available.

However, they will not be obliged to sell these parts directly to consumers and there will be no regulations concerning the price charged for spares.

This is important because the cost of repairs is driven by the cost of parts and, crucially, whether consumers can carry out repairs themselves.

Where professional repairs are required – for reasons of safety and/or technical competence – speed of repair is crucial.

In the UK and the EU, there is a shortage of professional service engineers which often means that it takes longer to get a product repaired compared to taking delivery of a brand-new product.

The new legislation will not address this lack of field service capacity nor incentivise the trade-out of energy-inefficient appliances.

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