The roadmap to safer events, driven by Cambridge agency

The roadmap to safer events, driven by Cambridge agency

Ahead of the UK’s lockdown roadmap, Cambridge-based agency The Crane Event has been preparing for a world where events can safely take place again.

With their clients' peace of mind key, the agency was proud to have trained with one of the best Event Safety consultants in the business and become knowledgeable within a ‘COVID-19 Compliance Officer for Events’ role.

The training detailed new considerations regarding events and how to deliver them safely, alongside the understanding that the pandemic is something that will have to incorporate into plans, vaccine or not.        

The course was informative, enlightening, and boosted knowledge in areas such as:                    

  • Providing the right mindset in creating competency to all production staff within an event environment. 
  • What is expected within a COVID-19 Compliance Officer role for event production.
  • Analysis of the current best practice and advice used to enable events and their productions to work during the COVID crisis.
  • Information about COVID risk management protocols and procedures, including how risks should be managed by event productions. 
  • Knowledge of the Health and Safety regulations that apply to the management of COVID risks.

Furthermore, the course complemented previous safety training from the World Health Organisation and National Compliance and Risk Qualifications (NCRQ) that the agency indulged in at the beginning of the pandemic.

“We knew that, when events returned, it wouldn’t and couldn’t be the same as it has in the past. People’s perceptions of mass events and gatherings have changed, and it’s important that we have the skills to deliver a safe, secure event that eases any worries our clients or their customers may have. To not have this training would be foolish.” Justin Crane, Event Management Director at The Crane Event

With this and a constant evaluation of guidelines integral to a safer delivery, The Crane Event is excited to provide confidence in events again, as we move forward into the new, brighter world.

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The Crane Event is an independent, Cambridge-based event agency run by husband and wife team: Justin Crane and Jemma Crane. Their management and marketing services make events memorable for clients such as Arm, Johnson Matthey and Green Custard.

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