A stitch in (event) time saves nine

With the start of a new year, many are considering the event opportunities 2018 has to offer, with the aim to carefully slot them into their marketing plans. These vary from hosting networking evenings, sponsoring conferences, to displaying at exhibitions. This is great, but when choosing which events you'll be attending this year, have you thought about the 'hidden time' aspect?

There's no doubt that exhibitions can be amazing business opportunities and worth every penny. However, something that isn't always talked about is how time-consuming they can be. It's not just manning your stand on the day itself, there's the research, planning, creative space conception, logistics, promotional items, and physical build, to name but a few. This can add several days to your one-day event. That's extra time you could be working on making your business better.

Cambridge-based agency The Crane Event provides its clients with time to attend each of their carefully chosen exhibitions. The team has put together a case study to illustrate this, showing how the Emergenetics UK team are able to arrive fresh-faced and ready to have engaging conversations at events up and down the country.

"The Crane Event team brings a sense of reassurance and confidence that everything is in extremely safe hands. They project a calm and professional demeanour and find workable solutions to any situation to ensure their clients receive a smooth service." - Kylie Seaman, Business Development Manager, Emergenetics UK

Take a look at the case study here

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