Tame your computer - lights, camera, action

In her regular series for Cambridge Network members - now in its 15th year - software training expert Karen Roem offers handy tips to help you 'Tame your computer'. This week she explains a quick way to open your Camera App (Windows 10)

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Do you use your Windows 10 Camera App? Perhaps to check your hair – in “reverse” – before you join your next Zoom or Teams meeting?

Well, I spent some time in the office of a client yesterday and noticed she opened the App in a long-winded way. Obviously nothing wrong with that, but do you know this nifty trick?

  1. Press WIN and type camera

  2. Press ENTER.

No need to take your hands off the keyboard! To close with a keyboard shortcut, press ALT + F4.

Apart from checking your looks you can use the app to take a photo or record a video. Your files end up in a folder called Camera Roll. And guess what... simply press the WIN key and type roll to find it.

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This tip is written for Microsoft 365 desktop apps and Windows 10 users, but might also be useful in Office 2010, 2013 and 2016. I meticulously test every tip I write to make sure it is correct, easy to understand and time-saving. Let me know if something isn't clear or doesn't work.

15 November 2021

Karen Roem offers software training and support through her company Roem Ltd.  Contact her by email (Karen@roem.co.uk) or visit her website at www.roem.co.uk


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