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In her regular series for Cambridge Network members, software training expert Karen Roem offers handy tips to help you 'Tame your computer'. This week she highlights the best of 2019 - her top 10 tips from this year. (Well, 13 - lucky for some!)

This will be the last tip of the year as I'm pretty sure that if I leave it another week you'll be busy tucking into mince pies and drinking mulled wine.

For the fifth year running, herewith your favourite, most commented on, tips from the past 12 months. As I felt it was impossible to cut it down to ten, I cheated and added three more.

With thanks to Sarah, Bart, Jan, Patrick, Clare and Michael for your feedback; it makes my day knowing I’m saving you time and frustration!

1.       Open the right-click menu using a keyboard shortcut - Office and Windows

2.       Total the data in a table - Excel

3.       Answer and write prefixed comments below the original message text - Outlook

4.       Fill all selected cells with the same text, number or formula - Excel

5.       Find all occurrences of two spaces after a full stop and replace them with one - Word

6.       Show totals above a table column that match specific criteria - Excel

7.       Check the spelling of all worksheets - Excel

8.       Attach a PDF version of an active document to an email message - Word, PowerPoint, Excel

9.       Reduce the number of messages in your inbox upon your return from holiday - Outlook

10.   Go to a specific slide when delivering your presentation - PowerPoint

11.   Organise and find email messages in your shared mailbox - Outlook

12.   Warn before printing, saving or sending a file that contains tracked changes or comments - Word

13.   Quickly spot whether change tracking is on or off - Word

Oh, and don't forget to check out this tip before you go off on your Christmas break; it contains five tips to prevent email overload upon your return.

Wishing you a relaxing festive season. Remember: Escape isn't just a button on your keyboard!


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16 December 2019

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