Technology Ventures Conference (TVC 2012)

"Innovation in an Uncertain World" - 9th Annual Technology Ventures Conference

Our future economies depend on cutting edge innovation to add value to society and to solve the biggest challenges facing our planet. The continued support of research and development is essential, particularly at a time when resources – both financial and otherwise – are increasingly under pressure. Yet, as Hewlett-Packard’s recent acquisition of Autonomy demonstrates, big business is still keen to invest in the opportunities being developed in high-tech clusters. Economic growth depends on those who can mobilize concept to realization,and create solutions with new technologies.

For its Technology Ventures Conference 2012, CUTEC will aim to address how the current financial climate is affecting the way new technologies are being developed and brought to market. Following on from TVC2011’s highly successful ‘Open Innovation’ theme, the conference will investigate other innovation models that succeed during lean years. TVC2012 will debate the importance of innovation in an uncertain world by looking at investment strategies and the infrastructure for innovation, focusing on key sectors both within the UK and the global economy.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What are the specific challenges of driving innovation in the current climate?
  • How are successive periods of financial instability affecting high-tech clusters such as Cambridge?
  • How do we encourage / support innovation with limited resources?
  • The role of disruptive innovation in generating growthInnovation on a budget – leveraging efficiency to maximise potentialIs the UK investing enough on innovation?
  • What do we hope to gain from the new Enterprise Hubs?

Delegates will be inspired by lively debates and keynote speeches, highlighting the level of opportunity open to entrepreneurs within high-tech clusters.The conference will act as a forum for delegates to engage and connect, ultimately enabling new relationships through networking that may prove key in future ventures.

Speakers will include:

  • Julie Meyer, Ariadne Capital
  • Robert Langer, MIT
  • Felix von Schuber, Zouk
  • Elizabeth Varley, TechHub
  • Martin Chilcott, 2Degrees Network
  • Richard Horning, SNR Denton
  • Ian Taylor, Living PlanIT
  • Allan Marchington, Apposite Capital
  • Mike Johnson, MRC Technology
  • Nicolas Sireau, AKU Society
  • Donimic Emery, BP Alternative Energy

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