Trump's restrictions are good for business...


USA Immigration restrictions imposed by President Donald Trump have provided Cambridge based Compandben International with new business opportunities.

John Tinsley of Compandben International writes:

Companies and universities intending to hire foreign nationals to work in  the USA need alternative ways of employing the staff.

The quickest way is if one of our network partners employs them in their home country -temporarily- working from home as "remote employees".

We have had cases in Canada, Kazakstan, Australia, and Serbia for USA and Belgian based clients.



Compandben started 2001; we set clients up with routine international payroll administration and Employer of Record services if clients don't have a legal entity in a country. Enables clients to quickly employ staff for short or long periods. Network -15 years in development- covers 100+ countries, eg Chile, Falklands, Gabon, Iceland, Mali, Sierra Leone, Madagascar: but our most active markets are Argentina, China, France, Belgium, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, UK.

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