Upcoming virtual training courses from CIIPM Training

Spring is here, it’s time to think about your training needs for the rest of the year.

CIIPM is running a number of virtual training courses over the next few months. The first two are particularly suitable for those relatively new to the world of IP and patent searching.

On April 12th/13th, the IP Matters course provides an introduction for those who would like to understand more about Intellectual Property. During the training, we will review the type of protection available such as patents, trademarks, design, copyright, knowhow, and when to keep knowhow secret.

We will also look at how to understand other people’s patents by reviewing patent documents already published, consider how to carry out a basic prior art search and a trademark availability search, and show how to navigate patent office websites to determine the legal status of third party IP. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to protect their own innovations in order to build an IP portfolio.

The IP Matters course is part of CIIPM’s IP & Commercialisation training stream, alongside IP Rights & Management and IP in the Ecosystem.

Courses coming up later in the year include:

  • May 18/19: Core Patent Search Skills

  • June 8/9: Commercial Patent Search & Analysis

  • July 6/7: Freedom to Operate, Search & Analysis – Fundamentals

  • September 13/14: Freedom to Operate, Search & Analysis – Advanced

You’ll find much more information about all upcoming courses on the CIIPM website, www.ciipm.co.uk/training-index.

Thank you to CAS, Minesoft, Gridlogics and Patsnap for their continued support of CIIPM training and meetings in 2022.

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