We know knowledge is power, but how do we harness that knowledge to create a highly effective GTM strategy?

The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ can seem like a cliché within business, but it stands the test of time for one reason. It is totally true! 

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Kathryn Miller, Business Operations Director at Cyber Business Growth (CBG) writes:

We know knowledge is power, and with CBG’s Pulse Market review, we can harness that knowledge and create a go-to-market strategy that targets the right people and organisations with the right messaging, growing your business to achieve strategic goals.

I have recently been considering the power of knowledge within the context of go-to-market strategies following a successful Market Development Project that CBG recently delivered for Symphonic Software. What I realised is that the intelligence and real-world feedback (AKA Knowledge) uncovered from analysis, reviews, target client and advocate discussions and stakeholder workshops quickly and directly paved the way for change and growth.

The appropriate information needed to make new plans to grow business was then KNOWN and supported by facts and detail, not guesswork and assumption.

With CBG’s Pulse Market review, over a relatively short period of time, we uncovered:

  • Specific business challenges that Symphonic’s solution could resolve within different industries.

  • Common use cases within all businesses that could be documented to support Symphonic’s benefits in those areas.

  • What messaging strikes a chord with whom? Who are the best personas to discuss the issues with?

So, we knew: Who the target audience was with the best fit to the solution; what the business challenges those companies, and individuals in leadership roles in those businesses, faced; and how the Symphonic Solution solved the issues.

Armed with this, CBG together with the Symphonic team, could then create actionable and realistic strategic business plans that mapped out where, when, and more of the how.

The results were:

  • The creation of a more industrialised sales process and clarity within marketing collateral.

  • Growth in GTM channels, both direct and indirect, with correlating messaging to support activity.

  • Targeted messaging with proof points and use cases for a wider audience.

  • Determination of key messages and methods for different audiences, verticals, and personas.

  • Expanded market reach and ultimately the basis for growth to achieve the company’s business goals.

Clearly, if we KNOW the facts, we can more accurately plan a go-to-market strategy that targets the right companies, in the right verticals, with the right messaging, and in the most appropriate methods. So, not only is knowledge power, but it is success, growth, assurance, and risk reduction.

Have a listen to our client’s perspective as well to hear how Symphonic benefitted from CBG’s Pulse service.


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