Working from home in Lockdown 2.0

With the shift towards working at home looking like it will be with us for the long-term, employees need to remain vigilant to protect their organisation from potential breaches and attacks.

With a huge increase in ransomware and phishing over the past six months as cyber criminals seek to exploit uncertainty around the pandemic, businesses need to extremely vigilant to protect their organisation from potential breaches and attacks.

With many companies being affected by the pandemic and finances under pressure, threat actors will look to attack organisations that are struggling and not necessarily prioritising their cyber security, which makes them easy targets.

As we enter another period of lockdown with huge numbers of employees working from home it is easy to get complacent about online security. Research shows that cyber security awareness training can wear off after only a few short months, and as attack vectors evolve successful training needs to include regular updates and ongoing simulation exercises to help reinforce learning.

To mitigate the risk of attacks and breaches, particularly when staff are remote working, companies need to engage employees in regular cyber security awareness training to enable them to recognise signs of phishing and other malicious behaviours and make informed decisions about how they access, share and store data.

CybSafe cyber security awareness training analyses behaviours and identifies knowledge gaps to create a targeted and personalised training experience. Regular updates and ongoing simulation tests mean training is frequently refreshed and access to security advice and guidance is available on-demand.

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