Getting back to business?

John Gourd, Chief Executive Officer at Cambridge Network, talks to John Bridge, CEO of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, about the challenges caused by the pandemic and the obstacles we’ll face as the country starts to reopen for business...

John Bridge OBE

On top of the comprehensive range of webinars and online courses the Network is running to keep members informed and connected during the coronavirus crisis, I’m hosting a new series of interviews with local business leaders.

We want to share their insight into the way the lockdown is affecting people; their views of government interventions and – most importantly – their advice and suggestions for the way forward in this most difficult time.

For the first of these interviews, I had the pleasure of speaking to John Bridge, CEO of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, whose long experience in the region gives him unique understanding of the local economy and the companies and business people within it.

In this short video, he advocates ongoing financial support, an emphasis on mental health, clear communication and strategic thinking to help pave the way ahead.

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