Coaching and supporting Managers to be confident at recruiting and selecting the right candidates and skilled at motivating them to stay. Recruitment is not just a process. It's about understanding human behaviour, reading between the lines and spotting what's really motivating a candidate. The key to achieving 80 – 90% recruitment accuracy is to ensure that the way you recruit is in sync with how people’s minds work to achieve higher retention and performance levels.

If you:

- Struggle to recruit the right people first time
- Want to attract a more diverse candidate pool and don’t know where to begin
- Are unsure what to ask or how to assess candidates in interviews especially over video
- Are seduced by first impressions and end up hiring the wrong person
- Continuously get job offers rejected by candidates
- Have high turnover for one job or across the company

Why not contact Katherine Wiid Cambridge based Recruitment and Retention Coach for advice?

"I approached Katherine after I heard her speaking at an event. She helped me craft a job description by asking insightful questions that helped me think clearly about what skills and motivations we needed and who would fit in, giving me confidence that our recruitment message was correctly targeted. I cannot recommend her work highly enough." Jonathan Brech, CEO Audiens 

"Katherine is clearly an expert in her field with a great depth of knowledge and has the skills needed to impart this to others in a way that makes it thoroughly accessible. She is also charming and a delight to work with and I recommend her without reservation." Ann Hawkins The Inspired Group Cambridge

“Katherine is a very diligent and resourceful individual. She has constantly provided an excellent service to PIPEX Communications and I would certainly recommend Katherine to any companies that want to save money in the recruitment game.” Stephen Rapson, Programme Manager Vialtus

Working with Katherine and Recrion helped us massively improve our recruitment process. The following hires of staff were not only a great fit in the organisation but also staff that I don’t think would have otherwise looked our way. We managed to secure some talented people and were also as prepared as we possibly could be for ensuring we can retain them long-term. If you know what makes staff ‘tick’ you stand a much bigger chance of them and you being successful. The tools we learnt from Katherine really helped us understand how to gain that knowledge.

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Marianne Muldbjerg

Operations Director

Products and services

Recruitment Readiness Assessment

How robust is your recruitment? Before embarking on coaching and mentoring, we get to the bottom of what is working and what needs to be fixed.

  • We start by reviewing how you are writing the job description, sourcing candidates, interviewing, communicating with candidates, brokering offers
  • We assess what is working well and why as well as what needs to change to increase your recruitment success
  • At a Recruitment Round Table session, we share the results and together agree areas to focus on with an action plan.

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