Kition Research Limited

Engineering consultancy

Kition Research Limited offers engineering analysis consultancy, including technology audits of proposed or partially developed products and processes. It specialises in fast and efficient proof of principle/proof of concept studies, determining and proving the limits of performance of novel engineering products, using analysis, simulation and experiment as most appropriate, including work on clients' premises as necessary.

Key capabilities
Kition’s technical USPs are:
• an exceptional intuitive understanding of physical engineering systems; 
• the ability to analyse fundamental principles to determine theoretical performance and to understand real limitations to attainable performance; 
• the experience and ability to design, analyse, and experiment to get the best possible performance out of a prototype and product (leading a team when appropriate); be it algorithmic, mechanical, fluid-mechanical, acoustic or electrical; and 
• the ability to get up to speed fast in new areas, cross-fertilising experience from other fields.

Recent experience
Since the establishment of Kition Research Limited in 2013, it has worked on control of non-Newtonian fluids in medical devices (for an international Pharma company), specialised communications using novel acoustic modems (for Blendology Ltd), wireline sticking/drag in oilwells (for an oilfield services company), controlling flows in gas anaesthetic systems (with Springboard Pro Ltd for a medical devices company), the potential for electric turbocharging (for a VC consortium), characterising the “mode of action” and performance of a novel spray generation technology and also a novel biological drug synthesis process (for an international start-up), among other projects.

Contact Dr. Kimon Roussopoulos, Director.

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