Cambridge Engineering Analysis & Design (CEAD)

CEAD is an engineering, thermo-fluids and computational fluid Dynamics (CFD) consultancy based in Cambridge, UK. We develop solutions for a wide range of clients from novel blue sky ideas, early feasibility and prototype design development through to state-of-the-art mature product development and optimisation.

CEAD has over 30 years experience of engineering analysis and design in many applications including electronics cooling, systems thermal architecture development, systems and component thermal management in many applications including; avionics, medical devices, printing technology, telecommunications datacentres, blade packaging and rack systems as well as IT servers and equipment.

In the last 7 years CEAD has developed novel and exiciting Greentech & Sustainability Solutions in Carbon (CO2) Capture and Heat Energy Recovery including Polycapture technology;

The company provides technical consultancy support services in fluid flow, thermo-fluids, structural design and dynamics analysis. CEAD has vast successful experience in many applications including: medical devices, electronics cooling, printing technologies and telecommunications.

As well as offering consultancy, over the past four years we have developed a carbon capture technology that we are advancing towards a product offering.

Thermo-fluids & FEA Consulting

  • Fluid flow and thermal analysis using analytical and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques.

  • Airflow and thermal verification experiments and evaluations.

  • Dynamics and structural analysis using analytical and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods.

Electronics Cooling & Thermal Management

  • Thermal management design and development of novel cooling solutions for telecoms equipment and remote radio heads, avionics equipment

  • Design of special application heatsinks and heat spreaders including embedding of heat-pipes and vapour chambers

  • Design development of high power, high ambient temperature heat-pipes and vapour chambers

Thermo-fluids R&D Technology Innovation & Development

  • Fluid flow and thermal technology innovation; e.g. saccardo nozzle design, heat exchangers design, liquid to air and liquid to liquid coldplates, etc

  • Research and development of energy recovery systems e.g. automotive, aerospace, and civil engineering applications.

CO2 Capture Technology

  • CEAD has developed a number of novel polymer based CO2 capture materials that offer low material cost and low energy consumption compared to existing technologies.

  • Developing a carbon negative post combustion¬†Combined Energy Recovery & Carbon Dioxide (CoERCe)¬†system grant funded by BEIS and Innovate UK (feasibility stages), Low Carbon KEEP (pre-feasibility stage).

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