A technology consultancy based in Cambridge, UK. We partner with purpose-driven product teams to solve their trickiest digital development puzzles.

We’re a team of experts who are passionate about digital strategy, UX design and software engineering. 

We work with sustainable, innovation-led organisations in the field of digital healthcare, research commercialisation and climate change.

Clients rely on us to plan, design, build and iterate sometimes over several years, forming deep client relationships that last.

If you have a project in mind we'd love to hear from you - make our day. All ideas welcome. We'll soon let you know if we're able to help.

The talent and execution skills they bring to the table have been instrumental in our success.


Chief Technical Officer

Products and services

Digital strategy 

You know your business better than anyone. But when you’re facing new challenges, the right course isn’t always so clear. Fluent digital strategy visualises your goal and sets an actionable plan to get there.

Technical consulting 

Your business strategy and your technology strategy are inseparable. Fluent technical audits and performance reviews squeeze every efficiency out of your existing setup.

And when it’s time to move to a new system, trust us to handle the migration without interrupting your operations. It feels like rebuilding a plane while it’s still in the air, but the right strategy makes the impossible possible.

Business strategy and execution 

Are your digital tools aligned with your business goals? Do your systems support your organisation’s structure or do they cause friction? Let us take a fresh look at your operations and get everything working in harmony.

Fluent business strategy adds value across your entire organisation. From connecting stakeholders to agile coaching for your in-house team, we’ll help you keep on growing.

New products and services

Getting to market can be easier. Meet real-world needs by blending in-depth user research with UX design. Business analysis and process modelling perfect your market fit, rapid prototyping provides a solid proof of concept.

We supply any mix of skills your team might need, up to and including full project leadership. Version definition, segmentation, and data migration futureproof your vision of a winning outcome.

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UX and design

 Your end user’s success is your success. Fluent UX and design immerses the whole process in a rich understanding of your business, your sector, and your customer. The result captures your identity and satisfies a tangible need.

Discovery: Strategy and design research 

Our discovery phase is potentially the most valuable part of the process. We start to get a sense of empathy with both your business and its customers. That empathy underpins everything we do.

Throughout the process, we balance your ultimate vision with actionable opportunities and near-term priorities. Let us keep the great flowing, while we chase the perfect together.

Experience design 

Give your users experiences that delight them and satisfy their needs with zero friction. Fluent journey mapping and a deep knowledge of information architecture make it possible.

Our approach is rooted in rapid prototyping, testing, and iteration. We don’t do big dramatic reveals; we work with you step-by-step, finding what works, always refining and optimising.

Product design 

Fluent product design protects your brand and secures your long-term consistent identity. We use design systems to produce intuitive experiences that scale up alongside your operations.

A strong focus on accessibility opens your experience up to the widest possible audience. Make design thinking your business’ USP.

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Software engineering

Take the risk out of developing the tools your business needs. Our engineers quickly get to grips with your requirements. Whatever expertise you need, we’ll provide the right blend of skills to cover your blind spots.

Full stack web development

Get the skills you need, from front to back. At the front end, we can work in your choice of framework, from React to Angular and beyond. At the back end, trust us for scalable solutions on-server or in the cloud.

Whether we’re consulting, augmenting your team, or managing a project in full, you’ll enjoy flexible expertise at your service.


Digital plumbing 

There’s an art and science behind getting one system to flow smoothly into another. Integration, architecture implementation, and data management are among our specialties.

As you grow, trust us to keep your systems aligned with your organisational goals and embrace next-generation technology.


Support and maintenance

Keeping your systems in good working order ensures long-term success. We’ll handle maintenance, and modernise legacy systems to keep pace with your growing business.

From code restructuring, refactoring, API maintenance and performance tuning to DevOps and hosting solutions, leave it to Fluent. Focus on what you do best: your core role.

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