Plain Sailing Motivation

Whether you need to improve your organisation's, your own or your children's motivation and engagement, we work with you to identify the best solution. No one is motivated by another person – our motivation comes from within.

“ Our greatest impact with people is to gain insight into what motivates and inspires them in their lives.” Mark C Crowley – Lead from the Heart

As Motivation Specialists, we help you identify what naturally motivates individuals so you can make subtle changes in the way you support them. This improves both wellbeing and performance.

We provide mentoring, coaching and training.

Are you struggling to recruit, manage and retain motivated and engaged staff?

Are you looking for outplacement and job search support?

Are you struggling to understand how to support your teenager with motivation, engagement and options/career choices?

We can help.


We are Motivation Specialists and we work with people to enable them to shine.  Whether it is individuals, groups or organisations we provide tailored support to increase engagement and motivation and improve performance.


Jane, Coaching Client (Job Seeker)
"The Mapping report was very accurate and made me realise that my decision to leave my last role was the right one. Many of things that demotivated me were included within it. The mapping report has made me realise the things I do like to do and what I don't like and to do those first.“

Amanda Spivack (Manager)
Head of Fundraising, Wildlife Trust BCN and Chair, Institute of Fundraising, East Anglia Region

"The Motivational Mapping workshop was one of the most enlightening & practical training workshops the fundraising team have participated in this year.  Following the workshop, which was both enjoyable and interactive, the team have immediately incorporated this new way of thinking into their everyday approach to working with colleagues and developing supporter communications. It has helped us to understand each other so much better.

The motivational mapping exercise has given the team a much more creative and effective way to approach project planning and management.

As a Manager, it has given me deeper insight and understanding of my team members and how our individual interactions can help to support and motivate each other. It’s been a great tool in prompting me to look more creatively at how we approach our communications and project management in the team.

Gill Bonello, (Parent)
"Thank you Sarah for a really interesting session with our two teenage daughters. The questionnaire was simple for them to complete but the report was really comprehensive – as well as reinforcing things we already knew, it provided some really useful food for thought on their motivators (including, interestingly, how they can use this insight to push and develop themselves further). I really was impressed with your style and approach and how you engaged with them. Thanks again for a really helpful session."

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