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We are a world-renowned expert in gas chromatography instruments and have been providing innovative solutions to diverse analytical challenges for over two decades.

Ellutia is a leading independent manufacturer of innovative chromatography instruments. 

Formerly Cambridge Scientific Instruments Ltd, formed in 1994, the company became Ellutia Chromatography Solutions in 2010 and now has divisions in the UK, USA and Germany.

Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength and supplies its light, compact, yet highly sensitive GCs to a broad range of markets from education, cannabis and brewing, to materials testing and forensics.

To supplement our own proprietary product range, we have incorporated the best available external technologies to enhance our product portfolio and now offer a wide range of products including autosamplers, GC inlets, detectors, analysers, software, hardware and accessories.

We have become known for our personalised, responsive service and our ability to provide customised solutions to our customers’ challenges. Offering an ideal combination of agility and speed of service with a global outlook and industry-shaping technological innovations, we have become the partner of choice for hundreds of customers. If you are looking for something different in a market often dominated by rigid mass producers, Ellutia is the perfect analytical partner for you.

In order to maintain the high level of quality and service our customers in the UK, Germany and the USA are used to, we carefully control the distribution of Ellutia Products in the rest of Europe, South America, Canada, Africa, Asia and Australasia.


We pride ourselves that we design and manufacture everything in the UK. Where possible we support local companies in our supply chain and leverage the great history of scientific research and development this country has to offer.

Products and services

Custom Solutions

At Ellutia we create systems to solve your analytical challenges, therefore talk to us about your challenge and we will work with you to provide a solution to that challenge.

Examples include:

  • Permeation breakthrough analysis
  • Chlorine analysis
  • Cork analysis

to find out more visit: www.ellutia.com


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General Support/Service or Repairs

Whether it is solution support, preventative service contracts or general repairs to your equipment our service engineers can arrange a visit to get you back up and running

For more information visit: www.ellutia.com

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800 Series TEA

The Ellutia 800 Series TEA detectors can quickly identify and analyse N-nitroso, N-nitro and nitrogen-containing compounds. Application areas include explosives analysis and carcinogenic nitrosamine testing. Accessories such as the Thermosorb-N air sampling cartridge for monitoring airborne nitrosamines and the chemical stripping glassware system for total nitrosamine analysis provide further functionality.

How Does it Work?

  • N0 cleaved from compound of interest

As compounds elute from the GC column they pass through the pyrolyser where NO groups are cleaved from the compounds of interest.

  • N0 reacts with Ozone in Reaction Chamber

N0 Reacts with Ozone in the reaction chamber and a photon of light is generated

  • Light Detected by PMT and Signal Generated

Light is detected by the Photomultiplier and a detection signal is generated

To find out more visithttps://www.ellutia.com/800-series-tea-detector

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Thermosorb-N (air sampling cartridges for Air-Bourne nitrosamines)

The Thermosorb-N air sampling cartridge is the perfect solution for monitoring nitrosamines levels in the air.

Nitrosamines are known carcinogens and exposure to them should be limited.  Monitoring of airborne nitrosamines should be performed to ensure that the environments people are operating are safe.  The Thermosorb-n air sampling cartridges are designed specifically for the collection of airborne nitrosamines.

The Thermosorb-N has been designed with the user in mind. The integral clip easily attaches to most work clothes' pockets or lapels and permits easy removal. The Thermosorb-N is designed to be used with personal sampling pumps. End Caps can be stored on the cartridge itself, so there is no more hunting around for them when sampling is finished, and the cartridge must be sealed.

The Large diameter of the Thermosorb-N Air sampler eliminates the need for a backup section in most applications. In cases where substantial concentrations of N-nitroso compounds are suspected, a second cartridge can be attached to the sampling system “piggyback” style.

The Data Log included with every Thermosorb-N air sampler provides coded labels for the sampler, analysis vials and mailing envelopes to help with sample labelling, as well as providing a convenient form of data entry. The sealable foil pouch provides additional security for transport to and from the field. As the Thermosorb-N air samplers are constructed of opaque plastic, there is no UV degradation of the sample.

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7000 GC Flowmeter

The Ellutia 7000 GC Flowmeter provides measurements of the eight gases most commonly used in gas chromatography.

In addition to the standard flow measurement mode, the 7000 GC Flowmeter also features;

Linear Velocity

The user is able to select their column diameter in the options menu, the linear velocity can then be calculated and displayed. The user can easily switch between standard flow and linear velocity with a single button press.

Split Flow Calculation

Split flow mode allows the user to measure and store a column flow, the user can then measure the split flow and the 7000 GC Flowmeter displays both the flow rate and the split ratio.

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200 Series Gas Chromatograph

The 200 Series GC was originally created out of an idea to be able to offer a compact, simple-to-operate, affordable gas chromatograph for education that didn’t compromise on analytical performance.  To achieve these requirements we knew we would have had to take a different approach from other GC manufacturers and radically rethink what a GC could be.


At Ellutia, we know you want the best analytical data to make informed decisions. In order to get that, you need to get your samples tested. The problem is that you may think bringing testing in-house will be too expensive and complicated, so you outsource this testing. This can be expensive and time-consuming, leaving you frustrated waiting for results to make critical business decisions.

We believe in-house gas chromatography testing should be available to companies of all sizes and experience levels. We understand that this can seem like something only giant businesses can do which is why we offer the 200 Series GC.


A compact footprint saves on valuable laboratory bench space


The simple robust design means not paying for features you don't need


Low power consumption reduces the energy used per sample


Bringing testing in-house will get you faster results

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500 Series Gas Chromatograph

Developed and manufactured at our UK HQ, the 500 Series Gas Chromatograph is a unique new concept in gas chromatography. The instrument can perform conventional, fast and ultra-fast GC, removing the requirement for multiple systems. This is the only GC machine that can offer this flexibility for the customer.


Ultra Fast GC can increase your analysis cycle times by up to 10 times


The 500 Series GC has one of the smallest footprints in the market saving valuable laboratory bench space


Energy consumption per sample dramatically reduced compared to other conventional GC's

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Automated Total Nitrosamine Analyser (ATNA)

Nitrosamines are carcinogenic compounds that can be found and formed in many products.  This has been a particular issue in the pharmaceutical industry recently.  Traditional approaches to the analysis, such as by mass spec, have been challenging due to the low detection levels required, the possibility of false positives, or even missing. 

This system takes a unique approach of using the combination of a chemical reaction targeting nitrosamine compounds, then detection by a detector with very high selectivity and sensitivity for nitro/nitroso compounds. Rather than speciating the various nitrosamines present, the system gives a single quantitative result down to 1 ppb for the total nitrosamine content. This means both volatile and non-volatile nitrosamines are measured at the same time. This process is automated to allow a high sample throughput.  This makes it ideal for screening a large number of samples rapidly.

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UK R & D Manufacturer of Gas Chromatography/Analytical Instrumentation

Ellutia’s focus is on providing a complete solution to customers analytical problems.  We work towards this goal by listening to our customers and delivering solutions bespoke to their needs. 

We work to develop innovative GC products that are smaller, faster, more environmentally friendly, that also offer industry leading analytical performance.

We work with specially selected partners that can help deliver our vision to customers.

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