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We provide 1-2-1 and group coaching for individuals, leaders and teams who seek freedom, authenticity and balance. Often this involves overcoming imposter syndrome, building confidence and self-awareness, understanding leadership styles and leadership development, developing self-belief and identifying strategies to manage well-being and build resilience.

We believe that time and space to reflect, as well as prioritising well-being, is vital for both personal and professional development.

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I have coached hundreds of people, and worked with many businesses. I have helped teams to work more harmoniously together, watched individuals grow in confidence, helped people to have difficult conversations, guided individuals through a period of change and moved many through imposter syndrome. I have also worked with future leaders ensuring they feel supported to take the next step in their careers.

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Prior to re-training as a coach I studied and worked in business management. This experience now helps me in my work with businesses. I have an understanding of how businesses work and the dynamics of teams. I can support you as a coach, but I also understand your challenges from a managerial perspective.

The coaching process has given me the confidence and tools to be able to speak up for what I believe in and ask for what I need – in work and personally.



Products and services

Women into leadership programme

This programme is for mid-level women passionate about having a greater impact with their leadership style by developing self-awareness, building confidence and leaning onto their unique strengths and capabilities.  

We rise by lifting others.

This programme is for organisations who want to elevate the women within them by supporting them to understand what is unique about their leadership style. It supports participants thrive in their leadership position by developing essential skills, behaviours and strategies to confidently embrace who they are as a leader for greater transformational impact.

Over the course of six modules, participants will experience a combination of group coaching, self reflection, peer learning, 1-2-1 coaching and structured activities to develop their knowledge in preparation to step into leadership. The programme covers key pillars vital for the world of work today: self awareness as a leader, confidence and self belief, strengths and skills, taking responsibility for ones own learning, utilising your network, building resilience and developing leadership coaching skills.

To find out more about supporting the women in your organisation or network via this programme, please contact me. We can set up a call to talk further about your objectives.

I couldn't recommend this course enough. I came into it as a new people manager, and whilst excited about this next step in my career I regularly suffer from self-doubt and imposter syndrome. The course has had an unbelievably positive impact on my confidence at work - particularly around my leadership style and coaching skills. I also really benefitted from being part of the group with other women - and Gemma creates a warm and trusting environment, in which everyone feels safe to share their thoughts. She also gently challenges you to reframe negative narratives you hold about yourself. I have no doubt that the tools and ideas I've learnt will continue to support my career and push my confidence further.”

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Group coaching

Group coaching is a powerful and effective technique for working with people on a common theme. The supportive space enables people to learn together, share experience and practice tools to support their learning. It also creates a common language in the workplace with the issues or solutions you're highlighting. 

Group coaching can take place face to face, or online with groups ranging from 6 - 20. For larger group workshops and facilitation, it would be necessary to bring in an additional coach to ensure the group is well supported.

Popular subjects in the workplace include: 

  • Leadership development
  • Coaching skills for new managers
  • Building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Authentic leadership for women
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Understanding skills and strengths
  • Planning your career
  • Developing resilience and building better boundaries

If these, or any other subjects, are of interest, please contact me to discuss. 

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1-2-1 coaching

Employees who feel invested in, valued, aligned, and listened to, will make for engaged, motivated, and loyal advocates of your business. They will inspire others and help to embed a positive culture that will allow your company to thrive.

​Everyone can benefit from coaching within an organisation, at whatever stage of their career they are at; from on-boarding new graduates to supporting and strengthening your senior leadership team. 

  • Leadership coaching
  • Career transition coaching
  • Outplacement (redundancy) coaching
  • Coaching for confidence and self-belief
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Well-being and resilience
  • Coaching skills for new managers
  • Career progression

1-2-1 coaching provides a bespoke way to support individuals in the career progression and development. Get in touch for more information on how coaching can support you and your teams.

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