Gemma Brown Coaching

We provide 1-2-1 and group coaching for individuals, leaders and teams who seek freedom, authenticity and balance. Often this involves overcoming imposter syndrome, building confidence and self-awareness, understanding leadership styles and leadership development, developing self-belief and identifying strategies to manage well-being and build resilience.

We believe that time and space to reflect, as well as prioritising well-being, is vital for both personal and professional development.

Products and services

Coaching services (1-2-1 and group coaching)

We offer a range of services to help you create an environment for your teams to thrive:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Career transition coaching
  • Outplacement (redundancy) coaching
  • Coaching for confidence and self-belief
  • Well-being and resilience
  • Coaching skills for new managers
  • Career progression

1-2-1 coaching provides a bespoke way to support individuals in the career progression and development. Group coaching is a great way to bring together a number of people around a common personal or professional development theme.

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