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Diane Gorsky is an international writer, facilitator and speaker on the topic of purpose at the personal and organisational levels. With a Master of Social Work (MSW), MBA and 20+ years senior leadership experience, areas of expertise include group facilitation, culture change and organisational/strategic planning. Sector experience includes: life sciences, higher education, government, conservation/biodiversity, health sciences. Diane is the author of "60 Minutes to Reveal Your Purpose" -- a guide to exploring and enacting life purpose (published March 2023).




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"60 Minutes to REVEAL Your Purpose" (published March 2023)

60 Minutes to REVEAL Your Purpose
Using the REVEAL tool to write & live your life purpose

The health and psychological benefits of life purpose are well documented and supported by decades of research. People with a clear sense of purpose experience increased resilience, confidence and self-esteem. Clarity of purpose is associated with happiness, positive personal relationships, wellbeing, longevity and overall quality of life.

"60 Minutes to REVEAL Your Purpose" features an original, practical and inviting approach to help personal purpose emerge. What is unique about REVEAL? Purpose exploration is supported by the step-by-step REVEAL tool and self-guided templates – enabling tangible progress.

While most people feel a general sense of purpose, articulating that purpose is often a challenge. Much like writer’s block, we can experience “purpose block” – a struggle to put purpose into words. People tend to seek purpose at times of crisis, transition or self-doubt. In other words, we are highly motivated to explore life purpose when at our lowest ebb. Our daily routines and busy schedules may further cloud our awareness. As a consequence, we may find ourselves off-track and unfulfilled.

The REVEAL tool will be an hour well spent but it’s just a beginning. Purpose is not permanent and continuously evolves. The approach can be revisited and will support a lifelong interest in life purpose. If you seek purpose (and reap its many benefits), there is support and guidance for you here.

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