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Coaching that helps leaders and their teams enjoy work more.

I do lots of things, but I use this platform to talk about what I do as a coach. So:

I'm a leadership and career coach. I help leaders and their teams enjoy work more, because the happier you are at work, the more likely you are to succeed at it.

I do three types of coaching:

  1. Career coaching that helps people at all stages of their career work out what they’d really like to do all day, with practical support on how to make that happen.
  2. Leadership coaching that helps people understand who they are as a leader and how they want to 'do leadership'. (Which matters, because a more confident, self-aware leader is likely to do a better job for their teams and for their business.)
  3. Team coaching (using personality assessments) that improves communication and trust, increases cohesion around goals and objectives, brings clarity around organisational and team cultures, and amplifies cognitive diversity. 

About me:
I'm an ex-advertising agency person and marketer who became a headhunter, and then retrained as a business psychologist and coach. I work with people and teams in all kinds of sectors, but especially with senior people and teams in agencies, media and marketing. Alongside coaching I do lots of other things I enjoy: brand strategy, copywriting, employee research, psychometric testing for small businesses and executive search. More often than not, they cross over.

Current corporate clients include BBDO Canada, Courier Media (Intuit), Gaingels, Inc., The Gate (part of MSQ), Grace Blue, Naked Ideas, Publicis Media and the University of Cambridge, alongside several individual career and leadership coaching clients.

I’m a certified coach with a Diploma in Coaching (ICE, University of Cambridge) and an MSc in Organisational Psychology (Birkbeck, University of London). I’m on the British Psychological Society’s register of psychometric test users and am certified to use a number of personality assessments, which I use for both individual and team coaching.

I’m a member of the Association for Coaching and the Association for Business Psychology, and abide by their Codes of Ethics.



"Lucy is my secret leadership weapon. Whatever problem or issue we're working on in a given session, she helps contextualize it and broadens my perspective on what could be behind it and how it might be tackled. What I love most is that because she does this by asking questions and instead of giving directions, she guides me to find my own answers.

She's a brilliant leader in her own right, is warm and very caring. I leave every session with Lucy feeling lighter, smarter and more confident. I can't recommend working with her enough."

"She makes it feel like an adventure rather than a problem to be solved... Lucy is frank and forthright whilst also being incredibly kind. It’s a very different style to the other coaches I’ve worked with. I worried that I’d be “performing” a bit, but that hasn’t been the case at all. The time is always uplifting and fizzy. And I’ve felt safe to be vulnerable and open."

Products and services

Leadership & Executive Coaching

I act as thought partner to senior leaders as they negotiate everyday organizational life, and support new leaders as they establish themselves in their new roles. 

My particular interest is leader identity: understanding what ‘leadership’ means to you, and what kind of leader you are (or want to be). In practice, this involves digging into values, strengths, beliefs, and assumptions to better understand what drives you, and what might be holding you back. The ultimate aim is to enable you to lead in a way that’s true to you, while developing the self-awareness and skills that will benefit the organisations, teams and cultures you work with. 

Career Coaching

Career coaching. Here, I combine coaching skills and practical experience as a headhunter to support those considering their next move. Career coaching is usually offered as a package of 3 sessions, spanning reflection on and learnings from your career to date, precise understanding of your skills and competencies, and a practical session (CV, positioning, plan of action).  

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