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Emocien is a disruptive mental health software startup. Launching in Q2 2024, Emocien aims to improve the world's mental health. It does so through the innovative use of data, analytics and reporting. Emocien is trade marked in USA/EU/UK. It operates in B2C and B2B markets.

Emocien is aimed at people on mental health medication and in mental health talking therapy; a population size in trade marked regions of 80m people (approx. 20% of all adults).

Emocien provides mental health data, analytics and reporting services. It acts upstream at the diagnostic / needs analysis stage and downstream at the efficacy assessment stage. As customers are already seeing care-givers (medication prescribers and therapists), Emocien acts as a complement to existing care arrangements. It does not provide therapy, consultancy or training. 

People have difficulty remembering their mental health. People have difficulty talking about and explaining their mental health. This difficulty in remembering and explaining leads customers to time spend most of their time at medication reviews, in occupational health reviews and in talking therapy explaining their symptoms, with little time left to spend on therapy and treatment. Emocien reverses this use of time by providing customers with detailed analytical reports that they can share with care-givers. These reports provide care-givers with a more complete understanding, more quickly, meaning less time spent on understanding and more time spent treating and supporting customers, making for a far more effective mental health care service, whether public or private.         

Improving the world's mental health

Ian Bye


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