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Innovating the government relations and diplomatic consultancy sector using A.I. technology to optimise the brain time spent on your government relations.

Global trade and investment patterns, as well as ways of doing business and creating value –  whether for shareholders or for social good – will never be the same again. In fact, the pace of change will get ever faster according to most analyses. 

It is therefore imperative to stay ahead of the game. That will make all the difference when it comes to being ready and mitigating against the risks that political incertainty entails.

Regulatory changes, framework changes, total root and branch changes to entire sectors, are all possible consequences of the radical switching of policies.

But there is hope! Our services will give you plenty of expert tips, thoughtful analysis, and ways forward – so that you can pragmatically grab the bull by the horns and tackle political and governmental change as it happens!

European Diplomats provides our collective expertise and urges you to get in touch to discuss how we can help you drive your business forward in a practical and purposeful way towards your commercial or social goals.

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European Diplomats

Products and services

Strategic Brand Placement

Diplomatic Commercial Consultancy / Sales Methodologies Support

Establishing a Presence inc. Advice and Guidance

EU or National Procurement Support

Business Development Support

Brand Placement

Comprehensive Advocacy

Targeted Marketing Campaigning: We are practised at ensuring that via a range of approaches, methodologies and tools your agenda has a political resonance with those you are seeking to engage with.

Nationwide Advocacy across Different Ranks: We know the right ways in which to engage with relevant national and regional policymakers and stakeholders on any given level in a complex environment. We know that in a democracy, decision-making power stems not only from policymakers, therefore, we engage with relevant actors based on their influence, to make your voice resonate nationwide, amplified by civil society.

Comprehensive Advocacy within EU Institutions and Organisations: Years of work experience in Brussels at an institutional level and sound diplomatic expertise, combined with our headhunting expertise and new AI solutions allow us to get past the gatekeepers of EU institutions and organisations and navigate you smoothly and efficiently through Brussels’ corridors. We make your voice heard in the relevant institutions, by the right people and at the right moment.

Stakeholder Engagement

Wherever your stakeholders are based and influencing your business objectives, either negatively or positively, we are at home, organising and implementing roundtables, expert groups, or other fora, with which to engage them, and convince them.

Political Intelligence

Political machinations can sometimes appear complex and closed-door in nature. We help you to navigate the corridors of power using simple methodologies, so that you can stay ahead of the curve where politics intersects with business.

Communication & Public Affairs

Targeted Market Campaigning: We develop a campaign that ensures you and your services will be the talk of the town in precisely the correct offices and halls. Our marketing and media expertise allows for the creation of campaigns that are received by exactly the right ears, rather than broadcasting your message to the general public. We combine subtlety and discretion with efficiency and effectiveness.

Targeted Communication Hub: To increase your reach and expand your audience and customer base, you need to convey your messages in the right way and order via the right channels. We offer you the full range of communication services from classical over virtual to social media communication, including the set-up, implementation and evaluation of communication campaigns.

Tracking & Monitoring

Robust Tracking & Analysis: We observe, monitor and report on the policy developments in your sector. We analyse and identify your potential to bring yourself in and advise on how to get heard and on how to evaluate your impact.

National State Legislative Tracking & EU Legislative Tracking: Being ahead of the curve means foreseeing legislative and other developments in your sector. We monitor regulatory decisions before they are taken and put you in the position to steer your organisation in the right direction. In Germany, we can provide expertise at the individual Federal State level.

Tender Monitoring: We monitor actively for tenders relevant to your commercial objectives, and keep you informed about business opportunities.

Policy Influence

Via our expertise and knowledge of methods, tools and sustainable contact making, we provide you with in-depth insights into the sector relevant to you and therefore the possibility to anticipate or even shape legislation to a certain extent. We adhere to a strongly ethical work approach.

Relationship Building

Relationships and sustainable connections with targeted national or European policymakers are critical for any company or organisation wishing to effectively manage its commercial goals or public affairs issues. We create those relationships and open the right doors for you. One element of many is the support of the establishment of partnerships with governmental institutions, NGOs or other stakeholders.

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