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People Puzzles is a team of hand-picked HR directors working with a wide range of businesses part-time to bring about positive change and a significant impact on the bottom line. With our individual specialisms and proven ability to increase revenue and reduce costs, we have successfully taken on all kinds of HR challenges and dealt with people issues quickly and effectively.

We work with mid-tier businesses across many different sectors to deliver a tailored solution to their people puzzles. As people professionals, we know there is a strong link between good people management and profit. Between us we offer a wide range of HR specialisms to support your business and HR functions.

When we join your team, you can guarantee the expertise of a complete HR department for a fraction of the cost.

Top 1% of People Directors 

Over 500 clients on average stay with us at least 2 years

Over 80 of the countries top PDs

East team of 10 each with 4-6 clients

On average one day per week

Shared best practice and solutions – team approach

We usually pay for ourselves in the first 12 months

Pay for what you need and no contacts

Products and services

Our services

We know that most people don’t start businesses because they love managing people. And many Directors tell us that dealing with people issues is one of the biggest challenges of their job.

Yet we all know that effective and motivated team members have a significant impact on business success and profitability, as well as lightening the load on the senior team.

Our priority at People Puzzles is to drive change and deliver growth for your business.

We do this by providing embedded, strategic HR support to solve your people issues, as demonstrated by our Case Studies.

When you choose People Puzzles, one of our highly experienced, local People Directors will join your business on a flexible, part-time basis. They can work with you remotely or on-site depending on your need and they will get to know your business. More importantly, they get to know the people within it and deliver results.

Our HR services include:

Our HR Management services also include Recruitment and Induction support.

Our part-time HR services mean your people issues are resolved quickly and cost-effectively, and we stay with you for the journey as your business grows. Have a chat with us today to find out more.

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