Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge

We are a strong, ambitious, inclusive community working hard to benefit the world.

Part of the University of Cambridge, Lucy Cavendish aims to provide the best of Cambridge’s education and research to all students.

Lucy Cavendish College’s mission is to attract, support and unlock the potential of students from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds who are driven by a desire to make a difference and who are committed to having a positive and lasting impact on society.

Lucy Cavendish Students have gone on to be successful authors, solicitors, barristers, doctors and teachers, while many have joined government departments and major international organisations; they are found in all walks of life and on every continent. 

Lucy Cavendish College is a trailblazer in Cambridge University. From the beginning, we have opened the Cambridge door to exceptional students from under-represented and historically excluded backgrounds. And not only admitted these students but made sure that they thrive at Cambridge, fulfilling their academic potential and developing their personal and professional skills. Always outward-facing, Lucy Cavendish looks for students who have an enterprising mindset and who are determined to make a positive contribution to society. We take risks on unconventional applicants who, because of their background and not in spite of it, have the experiences to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions, to contribute new ways of thinking to complex problems, and to ensure that innovative solutions are likely to succeed. And our senior researchers are selected because they are working in an interdisciplinary way on aspects of the ‘grand challenges’ confronting humankind and our planet.

Prof. Dame Madeleine Atkins
Prof. Dame Madeleine Atkins

President of Lucy Cavendish College

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Lucy Cavendish Conference and Events

A welcoming, idyllic venue in the heart of Cambridge

The College's mix of traditional and modern buildings present a friendly professional atmosphere in a tranquil setting with up-to-date conference facilities. Located just ten minutes from the centre of Cambridge, Lucy Cavendish is an ideal location for conferences offering excellent facilities, affordable prices and a dedicated and friendly conference team.

To complement the meeting rooms and excellent catering provision, facilities are also on offer for organisers to host residential programmes in the most beautiful surroundings, from the end of June to the end of September.

Whether conference-style buffet lunch, banquet style gala dinner, wedding, celebratory event, informal buffet or small private lunch or dinner, the College's professional team of chefs provide an excellent standard using fresh local produce and ingredients when possible tailored to suit the occasion.

The friendly, professional team look forward to giving you a warm welcome to Lucy Cavendish College.

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