The HoverAid Trust

HoverAid is an international humanitarian charity, headquartered in Cambridge, working mainly in Madagascar. Most non-profit organisations limit their work to areas accessible via road - we expand our reach by using hovercraft to reach the unreachable; isolated communities who are simply too difficult, or too expensive to access by other means. We aim to bring aid to remote communities, build trust with the people we meet there, understand their needs and tell others about the problems they face.

We are currently building a new hovercraft to our own bespoke design, to be ready for deployment in  Madagascar in  Q2 2024

We have a full programme of intensive medical clinics in remote area in 2023, and are ready to respond to emergencies as needed, including initial aid supply and community schools and wells rebuilding work following natural disasters 

We hope to increase collaborations with new partners, in the Cambridge area in the context of technical projects related to the hovercraft , CSR opportunities, and involvement in our humanitarian programmes

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