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Mojave - a desert in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, USA, and a leadership business in Cambridge, England

When it comes to leading and managing . . .

  • We know what achievement means
  • We know the effort and courage it takes to succeed
  • We’ve been there and done it ourselves.

And now we want to do it with you and your organisation

  • Whether you and your people are new to leadership or leaders already
  • Whether they lead a team, a project, a department, or an organisation
  • Whether they want to develop as leaders in short sprints or on a longer expedition with us . . .

You, they, and the whole organisation will emerge from the Mojave journey stronger, more confident, more yourselves.

"Over the past decade, our consulting firm has been on a remarkable growth journey. Ensuring strong governance is key to the future success of the company and this is why we decided to engage Mojave to conduct a review of our Board of Directors. Mojave demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism and brought an extraordinary depth of expertise. They conducted a thorough review but most importantly provided some great tools to help enable the Board to reach the next level as our business continues to grow." Matteo Perucchini, Chief Executive and Founder, Cambridge Healthcare Research

"After one hour session with Mojave we made more progress than any of the other people we had been introduced to."

Kelly Vasey (Sales and Marketing Director - Espace Europe Ltd)
Kelly Vasey

Sales and Marketing Director - Espace Europe Ltd

Products and services

The Mojave Journey

Sprints - training to equip leaders with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to succeed

Leading People:  "When you become a leader, success is all about others". The key responsibilities of a team leader are to support, manage, and develop team members. Leaders set the direction for the team, provide the inspiration, and create the energy inside the team to achieve its goals. 

Leading Operations: Operational leaders are "the master and commander of managing resources and output" - that's the job in a nutshell. Ops leaders run the organisation's functions and departments. They use their knowledge of processes, strategy and culture to make plans, set objectives and get results. 

Expeditions - programmes to build confident, resilient organisations with a strong sense of who they are and where they are going

Mojave Strategy Programme (MSP): Strategy - it's a word with powerful connotations. That’s because it describes something which is inherently powerful. The MSP makes totally sure that senior leaders know exactly what their strategy is, how to develop it and how to apply it. So their organisations are super-powered from the top.

Board Development Programme (BDP): Boards are an essential element in the identity, development and success of any organisation, no matter its type or size. Effective Boards combine corporate governance with entrepreneurial flair, giving inspiration and direction as well as confidence to the organisation and its backers. Mojave's BDP takes the organisation through a review of Board effectiveness and a structured development programme. 

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