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We are pioneers in hybridisation technology and a leading provider of clinical research and diagnostic solutions. We work in partnership with our customers to progress the future of genetic-based medicine enabling researchers and clinical decision makers to reach the right care decisions for each patient, every time.

What binds us, makes us.

We believe that collaboration is key to improving patient lives. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we ensure that we move forward with our customers, bound by a collective commitment to unlocking the future of genetic clinical care. 

Products and services

An expanding portfolio of NGS panels for research into haematological and solid tumour cancers, as well as library preparation kits for the accurate detection of a wide range of genetic aberrations

SureSeq™ NGS panels have been designed in collaboration with recognised cancer experts to detect key aberrations implicated in a wide range of haematological and solid tumour cancers. More so, you can always modify each panel to what’s relevant to your research with SureSeq myPanel, our regularly updated, expert-curated library of pre-optimised cancer content. Simply mix and match the gene, exonic or intronic content you need to create an NGS cancer panel that meets your exact requirements.

Our unique panel design coupled with hybridisation-based enrichment offers unparalleled coverage completeness and uniformity, allowing accurate detection of low-frequency SNVs and indels, as well as structural aberrations such as ITDs, PTDs, CNVs, LOH and translocations. Combined with our various SureSeq LPK products, SureSeq alleviates the burden of running multiple assays and streamlines your research, delivering comprehensive results using a single NGS workflow.

All SureSeq panels come with Interpret, our powerful and easy-to-use NGS analysis solution providing effortless translation of all your NGS data into meaningful results.

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High quality, reliable and easy-to-use DNA probes for fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH)

Highly specific CytoCell® FISH probes are capable of detecting genetic changes in a variety of sample types, in situ

Developed by scientists, for scientists, OGT understands the real-world application of this technology. We are pleased to offer a range of CytoCell FISH probes optimised for haematological malignancies as well as the assessment of genetic aberrations in solid tumour samples.

CytoCell’s constitutional range also includes our FAST FISH assays, designed for the rapid and accurate detection of the most common prenatal chromosomal disorders. Our microdeletion probes are designed for the detection of some of the rarest human genetic syndromes.

CytoCell myProbes® is a custom FISH probe design and manufacture service. By working in partnership with you, we can deliver probes to meet your specific requirements. From a simple modification of an existing catalogue product, to a completely new and innovative project, you can be confident that our expert team will design and deliver a probe you can depend on.

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A wide range of array and NGS products, including the Constitutional v3 microarray and Constitutional NGS platform for cytogenetic research, alongside a broad array of solutions for rare disease and cancer research

CytoSure® is a collection of products that have been developed with input from leaders in the fields of cytogenetics, cancer and rare disease research – which have been optimised to provide the most relevant content and sensitivity.

OGT has over two decades' experience in the development of microarrays and we have used that experience to provide CytoSure arrays for investigating a large range of disease phenotypes, with excellent CNV and LOH calling, down to the exon level.

CytoSure has expanded to include NGS platforms for cytogenetic and rare disease research that have the same superior CNV calling as the arrays but also the added benefit of SNV and Indel calling.

Both the arrays and NGS platforms are supported by complimentary analytical software, CytoSure Interpret and Interpret, respectively. These software packages have been developed at OGT and have been designed to be adaptable and user-friendly.

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