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Le Cheminant International is a Cambridge based company, previously called Compandben International. For 20 years we have provided clients with:
1 International HR advice: things like remuneration employee handbooks, private health care, pensions and other benefits, and termination advice.
2 Country specific employment contracts (often free if they are already in our library),
3 Set up and management of routine payroll administration facilities
4 Set up and management of Employer of Record services - enabling companies to have staff worldwide without having to set up branches or subsidiaries.
5 We also can put you in touch with local country based recruitment companies.

Contact us for anything international --120 countries !


Le Cheminant International http://www.lecheminantinternational.com

is run from Cambridge and has companies in Ireland, Lithuania Poland, Puerto Rico,  and South Africa. It has a "network" of local country partners covering 120 countries -mainly small to medium sized accountants developed over the past 20 years. There are shareholdings in another Cambridge company.. Cambridge International Recruitment Hub https://www.recruitinghub.com/fp-employers?cp=cambridge_79] 

and with Belgium Management Support, a Benelux firm.

We cover everywhere. Obviously most of our business is with the developed world-USA, Europe, China, etc but we have provided services in less well known countries such as Cote d'Ivoire, East Timor, the Falklands, Moldova, Myanmar, Senegal, Ulan Bator...


Culmen International is pleased to provide John Tinsley a reference. We initially began working with Mr. Tinsley through his company Compandben International, where they provided us payroll services and Professional Employer Organization services in both Austria and Burkina Faso. In the case of Burkina Faso, this hire was done on a very short timeline and with all logistics taken care of efficiently. Mr. Tinsley also provided us recommendations for PEOs he would recommend in Mexico and Moldova when he did not himself have coverage in those countries and both have turned out quiet well. More recently, we have a relationship with Mr. Tinsley’s new company Le Cheminant International. We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Tinsley has been a consummate professional and has helped our firm set up employment for local nationals across the globe, handling all payroll concerns and answering all questions without delay. We recommend him in your association.
Doug Dyer Program Director Culmen International, LLC Phone: 703-224-7000 Email: douglas.dyer@culmen.com

Doug Dyer

Program Director Culmen International

Products and services

Le Cheminant International Services
  • International HR advice,
  • Country based employment contracts,
  • Payroll or Employer of Record set up,
  • Company set up and Accounting,
  • Employee Handbooks,
  • Remuneration,
  • Country based social security,
  • Benefits, studies and implementation -pensions, health insurance,
  • Terminations. Plus payroll set up or employer of record services. 120 + countries

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