Fen Tiger Productions LTD

Cambridge-based Film Production Company.

Specialising in content creation.

Corporate; Ads, Social media posts, documentaries; testimonies, educational.

Creative; Short films - Fictional & non-fictional, music videos.

Fen Tiger Productions is a film production company based in Cambridge.

Specialising in content creation for both the corporate business sector and the creative sector.

Starting back in 2016 as a project for Arthur Speak and Byron Dean. The pair thought carefully about pursuing their creative passion as a business venture. Working with the likes of 'The Young Actors Company' on summer film projects. Opening their eyes to the importance of content, later assisting local social enterprises and charities such as 'Born To Be Beautiful' on their recent trip to Uganda in July, documenting the important work the charity does to support young women and girls in poverty-stricken suburbs in African and Indian through vocational beauty workshops. Alongside the charity 'Cambridge Past, Present, and Future'. Producing content, showcasing the scenic green spaces, history, and culture the aims to preserve. 

The company has also produced content for the likes of Bakers of Danbury, documenting the renovation build on the Royston St John The Baptist after the tragic fire in 2019.  Alongside, Brentwood Communications, a telecommunications company.

Fen Tiger Productions is fascinated by stories, interested in the power of showing not telling. Where they are to collaborate with anyone wishing to tell their story and express it to the world in a way that needs a fresh pair of eyes to see for the digital world of social media, and online video platforms.

Creative collaboration is key to making content stand out.

Byron Dean

Co-Founder & Director

Products and services

Video content creation

Corporate Video; Ads, promotional content, documentary

Creative Video; Fictional, Non-fictional, music videos

Pro-bono; We like to work with charities for an allocated amount of hours a year, to create content to support their social media presence.

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