Sew Positive

Sew Positive is a unique UK charity helping people mend, repair, upcycle and repurpose clothes to calm the mind, improve mental health and well-being, and help our planet. We build communities of like-minded people who face social exclusion. Our activities contribute towards a more sustainable and climate-positive approach to textile waste.

Businesses can support our charity in a number of ways - we can deliver bespoke wellbeing creative events, employees can take part in 'Running Stitch' sponsored events, volunteering, GAYE donations, Charity of the Year and more.


Sew Positive workshops and services for businesses can boost your employees’ mental health and wellbeing as part of your wellbeing at work strategy. We run customised, mindful sewing and crafting sessions, online or from your premises, that provide a vital time-out and the chance for your people to recuperate and connect.
Whether one-off sessions or a course of workshops, we can tailor a programme bespoke to your organisation. In turn, money raised from this enterprise helps us deliver more services to vulnerable people in the wider community.

This positive and engaging workshop brought people together from different teams across our organisation (by Zoom). We gained a greater understanding of the impact of the fashion industry, and ways to try to reduce our own impact. The practical part of the session gave us time out from the usual demands of work, to turn our minds to something useful and creative. I think it inspired us all to get our needles and thread out!

An embroidery hoop holding a blue hoody top, which has been used to practice sewing on a button, mending a hole using satin stitch and basic mending techniques, that Natalie completed during our workshop.
Natalie Ferguson

Environmental Officer, National Lottery Community Fund

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