Engaged Intelligence Limited

A new start-up to support employee engagement and team performance in various organisations. We will be using bespoke software to act as a "Cultural Heat Map" for rapid intervention as a means to improve well being, team performance and company culture.

So what is Engaged Intelligence all about?

Lots of managers and executives feel like they are out of touch with how things are going on the 'ground floor' of their organisations. And lots of contributors don't feel entirely safe sharing their opinions and their day to day frustrations...

Until now we've relied on annual surveys and pulse surveys to gather 'confidential' and 'anonymous' feedback. But that's too little information, too late.

Engaged Intelligence provides the tools to get the same sort of feedback in real time - as and when frustrations and successes occur. EI lets everyone in the company understand what is going well, and what needs improving. It also helps identify how to maintain or improve things - and provides evidence of the success of interventions.

Watch out for more to come as we develop the software and reach out to companies. This is an exciting time for us. Please register on the website if you are interested to know what we plan to do.

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