GEANT Association

GEANT Limited is part of the GÉANT Association. The GÉANT Association is the leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education, contributing to Europe's economic growth and competitiveness.

The GÉANT Association:

  • provides practical support for members, educators, researchers and other partners to collaborate, innovate, share knowledge and agree on policies and strategies;
  • plans, procures, builds and operates large-scale, advanced international high-speed networks, including the 500 Gbps pan-European GÉANT network;
  • organises events such as workshops, meetings and conferences, including TNC – Europe’s largest networking conference for research and education;
  • develops, operates and supports services relating to such areas as trust and identity, security and certification, mobility and access, and media and real-time communications;
  • provides staff expertise in procurement, project management, community engagement, network operations, and outreach including dissemination and training;
  • liaises with other e-infrastructure organisations, user communities, industry and with the European Union.

Please refer to the TERENA, DANTE, TNC and GÉANT Project websites for more detailed information about our services, network, news, events and other activities. 

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