Cambridge Centre for Innovation in Technological Education (CCITE.ORG)

Promoting STEM education for young people inside and outside schools and colleges in response to the skills needs of employers.

The Centre for Innovation in Technological Education in Cambridge brings together leading experts from industry, employers, academia, schools, entrepreneurs, organisations and charities to work together to design a detailed strategy for schools, colleges and academies to make a significant response to the current technological skills crisis threatening UK's economic competitiveness, prosperity and future well-being.

CCITE has widespread support, including Google, Intel and the HJB Charitable Trust, as well as the Association of Schools and College Leaders (ASCL), the Association for Science Education (ASE), the Computing At School Group (CAS), the Design and Technology Association (DATA), the Mathematical Association (MA), the National Society for Education in Art & Design (NSEAD) and Primary & Secondary Engineer.  It is working with the Cambridge 14-19 partnership, the GeoGebra developers, NRICH, ORBIT, the Raspberry Pi Foundation, STEMNet and the STEM Team East.

"We applaud what CCITE is doing to draw attention to the issues of Computer Science education and the role that engineering and technology can play in Britain's future economic growth. We need both to ignite children's passion for science, engineering and maths and to address the shortage of teachers equipped to teach Computer Science in UK schools."  Peter Barron, Director, External Relations, Google

“Schools strongly recognise the aims of CCITE as crucial for what we need to do to develop the appropriate education for our pupils today and into the future. We want and need all of our pupils to develop very strong skills and, perhaps just as important, motivation in these key areas of Maths, Engineering, Technology and Computer science. We will wish to engage with CCITE to provide both the curriculum and the teaching and learning that will enable this to happen”. Stephen Munday, Principal, Comberton Village College, Cambridgeshire

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