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As a business psychologist, Kelly focuses on helping people and organisations create good work and good relationships. She helps organisations to build valuable capabilities, inclusive cultures, mentally healthy workforces and a partnering approach to change. These things 'glue' people and employers together creating energy, performance and reputation.

Kelly Drewery
Kelly Drewery

Hello. I get involved in all things to do with organisational behaviour and organisational development. I love this work as I believe people inherently want to feel valued, included, create great things and make a difference together. It takes time, effort and skill to create a environment in which people can feel all of these things.

Organisations are social communities. My services are driven by helping people and organisations be more effective in their social agenda and the UN's global campaigns. I focus on:

  • creating healthy workforces by developing jobs and work environments that enable people to maintain mental wellbeing in their roles and careers (SDG 3)
  • growing valuable core capabilities as an organisation and team through social learning (SDG 4)
  • building more inclusive workplaces where people feel a sense of belonging and community (SDG 5/10)
  • decent work for all through talent management of the full workforce (SDG 8)
  • encouraging a partnership approach when organisational change in on the cards (SDG 17) 

If any of these areas resonate with what you are looking to achieve as an employer, do get in touch. I warmly welcome a conversation which you can simply book via my online diary (click on teh image below.

“I very much appreciated your sunny, cheerful disposition even in the face of what must seem like a stony, grumpy and exhausted SMT. For the record, you always made me smile on the inside. You did an amazing job in teasing out the convoluted strands and stripping away the accumulated baggage …. I could tell you just got it, or understood without ever really having to say it explicitly. Thank you for all you’ve done.”   Team member, Legal practice

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