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As a business psychologist, Kelly focuses on helping people and organisations be more effective. The 'glue' is about the stickiness between people and employers - the energy, performance and reputation that we have that attracts each other.

Image removed.As a business psychologist, Kelly focuses on helping people and organisations be more effective.  The 'glue' is about the stickiness between people and employers - the energy, performance and reputation we have that attracts each other.  How can employers engage and retain the people who'll make your business a success? And how can individual workers ensure their skills and expertise remain core to your employer and industry/market?  We help you build that glue.

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Workforce Wellbeing

The reality for many employers right now is that their workforce is hugely divided in its experiences – people may be physically unwell, lonely and isolated, busy caring for dependents or feel burnout from work encroaching on their home space. Much of this is not visible to employers.

This workforce wellbeing diagnostic assessment looks across four key dimensions: the individual worker, job-related factors, the working environment and the organisational context. The assessment investigates the impact of all these factors on your people’s wellbeing, engagement and performance. For example, maintaining trust when remote working, managing performance, adapting operational processes or how to manage organisational change.

Our interactive assessment offers feedback to individuals completing the assessment about ways that they can influence their environment to help contribute to cultivating a healthy workplace. We also look at the overall picture across teams, departments and the organisation to identify any systemic, policy or cultural changes that might help boost a more resilient workplace.


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Line manager's role in organisational change

To gain the most positive commitment from managers, this session focuses on their immediate concerns around change - managing themselves, caring for colleagues and building commitment to the future organisation. Investment in this workshop offers

  • a message that people's careers are cared for – whether they are staying or leaving
  • gives managers a sense of clarity around their role and what they can do to help themselves and each other
  • a way to involve managers in the change and respect their relationship with their team members

This workshop can be delivered in one go or over a period of weeks to support and align with your your change programme.  The core session will practically support people with understanding their role as a manager in transition and equip them with some tools to help them and their teams. Further sessions enable debate and managers benefit from hearing each others’ responses, questions, concerns and to agreement on what to do as a management population.

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Re-contracting with employees workshop

2020 has us all reflecting on what matters most to us.  For some it gave us space to discover new opportunities, for others, we have had to prioritise to get through the day.  Our journeys may all have been different, but what is the same is that we have all emerged with a slightly different attitudes to work and to life.  Many of us are still muddling through working remotely, extended hours or doing different work.

Whether you are a leader, manager or worker, its a good time to re-contract to reflect any changing circumstances.  Ensure both parties are on the same side so you can maintain a strong working partnership moving forward. Explore how to renegotiate the deal - to retain your key people or your job on more sustainable terms.

This interactive workshop session looks at our changing attitutes towards work and the workplace, and what impact that has

  • on our own psychological contract
  • on how to navigate changing attitudes and needs of the organisation
  • for recontracting conversations for both managers and direct reports


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Capability Profiling

We work with employers to evaluate management, leadership and technical capability  Capability profiling enables you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your team, dept or workforce.  Workforce modelling helps you to answer questions like

  • which abilities and competences are driving higher performance.  
  • articulate what skills and abilities are required in current recruitment, promotion or other activities
  • design large scale training and development programmes 
  • inform any changes to performance management programmes around which behaviours should be rewarded
  • modelling skills that are at risk of being lost to the organisation due to retention issues or from a glut in retirements.

Talent Glue can provide a robust off-the-shelf behavioural assessment framework, use your competency framework or we can use any set of skills, behaviours or knowledge requirements that you would like to profile. Our cloud based interactive capability assessment tools are designed to be easy and interesting for your people to complete. Participants immediately receive feedback about their capability profile and are offered bespoke ideas to support their ongoing continuing professional development (CPD). We also provide different types of insight for you about the overall profile of your people to help you strategically plan your development programmes and investments.


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Team coaching (inc online)

Covid has profoundly affected business and teams. In particular, the changing ways of communicating and attitudes towards work is changing how teams function.  Empathy, resilience and faster decision making are more highly valued than before (CEMS, 2021).  Psychological safety is needed to help people to be their best selves and to thrive underseemingly invisible pressures. Strong, positive team dynamics seem to be key to surviving and thriving as individuals and in business.  How managers support their teams is changing too.  Resetting norms, revisiting processes, understanding constraints and redefining the team all have quietly become the manager's role.  Addressing these things collaboratively through team coaching will help your team to recontract and get everyone back on track to achieve team goals.

I provide a range of team development services for people at all levels of an organisation.  Typical team programme elements may include a toolbox combination of:

  • learning sessions to bring new thinking into the team
  • facilitation of discussions around particular problems
  • team building activities to bring a personal touch and a renewed sense of belonging
  • coaching issues in real time as they emerge for the group
  • 1:1 coaching as needed in supporting individuals
  • diagnostic assessment of the team's functioning including its social norms, processes and skills

Every team is unique in its context, purpose and people. By using a team coaching programme, you get rapid impact on specific issues that matter right now. 

I can support a team via online delivery through Teams or Zoom. I'm based in central Cambridge so would love to join you face to face in your offices when we can all return.

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Organisational and employee diagnostics

What makes Talent Glue diagnostics different? We...

  • focus on what make a difference for your specific organisation
  • use pioneering technology that creates an interactive experience for your employees with immediate feedback or recommendations based on their responses 
  • offer pragmatic insight on action for different groups to take

We have experience of surveying more than half a million people across all industry sectors, including global businesses.

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