Innovation Forum, University of Cambridge

The Innovation Forum seeks to promote innovation by building bridges between academia, industry and government and linking innovative minds across disciplines. We are a multi-campus organisation active at the Universities of Cambridge and London.

The Innovation Forum (IF) ( was set up by young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) at the University of Cambridge in 2012, to connect grassroots scientists with industry, investment and policy leaders. The IF executive committee consists of 20 young researchers and industry professionals in the Golden Triangle (Cambridge-London-Oxford), and 30 committee members globally at the different university branches.

IF’s main aim is to forward inventions, developed by top scientists & engineers at leading institutes, towards industry, investors and policy makers. Access to a global network of young researchers allows IF to break traditional silos between disciplines and within science fields, which can result in disruptive technologies and new collaborations. IF aims to be the accelerator for high-tech startups globally and attract the world’s leading startups and entrepreneurs to our global branches.

Since launching in Cambridge in October 2012, we have grown to 12 Branches (UK, Europe, Hong Kong and Tokyo) and over 6,000 members while working with top life scientists, engineers, renewable energy, digital tech and nanotech experts at the foremost global research institutions. 

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